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Exotic Quality Meets Functionality

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Meet another dealer at our center - La Porte at Southampton Antiques and Design Center.

La Porte invites you to the world of "eclectic meets exotic" collection. Johnny's "La Porte" appreciation for vintage and antique designs grew as he learned of its contribution to the fields of design, industry and culture began from one of his mentor‘s who had an antique design shop. At the same time in one occasion he helped a friend redo their pied-a-terre, Johnny began to realized most of their then"new" furniture lacked quality. Neither substantially built, nor aesthetic design. So he began collecting and reconized early and mid century designed furniture from the best in trade‘s Industrial Designer‘s, Architects and Artist‘s. Then he also discovered his true passion, and love of good pieces of vintage furniture are not only beautiful and functionality, but the designs progress and the significance of these pieces have shaped the culture and are so profound that our so called "modern" lives today would not be the same without them.  That's when Johnny quit his full-time fashion design job and here he is, wishing to share his passion and prespective with people who also appreciate and continue to be influnced by them.

Floor lamps, leather rhino footstool, wingback lounge chair, midcentury
Midcentury Furniture & Accessories

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